European Public Administration

Joint degree programme

public governance across borders

The 'Public Governance Across Borders' programme is a joint degree between the University of Münster and the University of Twente. You will follow a 3-year programme in both Germany and the Netherlands.

The joint degree is open to all students willing to spend their first year in Münster, Germany, and their second and third years in Enschede. Please note that at this moment part of the first year is taught in the German language. Because the first year is set in Münster, the WWU will take care of your initial admission and enrolment. You can find more information on this programme on the website of the University of Münster.

What will you learn?

As a student of ’Public Governance Across Borders’, you will address the grand in public governance of today and tomorrow. These include those mentioned in the Europe 2020 strategy: employment, innovation, education, social inclusion and climate/energy. 

You will study public governance, getting familiar with public institutions and their interaction with the social environment. Public problems and the design and management of adequate problem-solving policies, increasingly hinge on the interplay between (formal) authorities with multiple social actors: citizens, interest groups, companies, civic organizations and social institutions. In addressing public issues, you also have to deal with multiple levels of public governance: local, regional, national, international and global. Also, you will be dealing with dynamic issues within a constantly changing context. In this joint degree programme you will acquire the knowledge and skills needed to design solutions for these complex challenges.


Studying at both a German and a Dutch university will give you a unique comparative perspective on issues of public governance. The opportunity to carry out a substantial part of this programme at another European university will also deepen your international and intercultural competences.

Study programme

The study programme has been jointly created by both universities. For a more detailed description, see the study programme.

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