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Excellence programmes

The University of Twente has established a range of extracurricular Honours programmes. In addition, the Bachelor’s in European Public Administration also has its own excellence programme: the Star programme.

Mathias: "The participation in Eurosim taught me that how you present yourself and your ideas is at least as important as your message itself". Read about his experiences

How the Star programme works

The Star programme enables you to take on added challenges as your proceed with your studies. You will have the chance to apply for the Star programme during your first module. Depending on your grades and the number of applicants, you can be placed in the Star group for Module 2. During Module 2, you can opt for another star in Module 3, and so on.

You can earn a star for every module that you take in the Star programme, up to a maximum of five. These stars will be stated on your diploma supplement.

What the Star programme involves

Taking the Star programme within a module is not about doing lots of extra work: your activities will equate to the workload of 15 credits per module. In most modules it involves doing a more challenging variant of the regular project. In the third module for instance, where students are tasked with creating a policy for the adaption of renewable energy sources, the Star programme group does the same project but interviews actual policy-makers instead of relying on other sources. In another module, the Star version of the project involves EuroSIM, a simulation of the European Union that brings you in contact with students from all over Europe and the United States.


The programme is designed for students who want an extra challenge and the chance to work in a group with other students who are especially highly motivated. The Star programme is open to around 10% of students per module and during the first module everyone is invited to apply. If you do not take the Star programme at the first opportunity, you can still opt for a star at a later stage. 

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