Staff experience

Building radio transmitters and receivers started as a hobbyMark Bentum, programme director of Electrical Engineering

Mark Bentum is the programme director of Electrical Engineering, a Lector and an Associated Professor in radio technology. He is developing a new ultra-low frequency radio telescope (antennas, receivers, communication to Earth) which will be built in space. “I started out as an amateur radio operator, tinkering away at radio transmitters and receivers. I ended up here, at Electrical Engineering, after working at a university of applied sciences: it was a great choice!”

Mark teaches the Introduction to Communication Systems Bachelor’s course, in which students learn all about communications. He is also a lecturer on a couple of Master’s courses. “What I love about the programme is that it makes plenty of use of projects, and that’s my forte. You can use all your knowledge to develop fun applications. Making a radio telescope, for instance. Or a car that can follow a remote-controlled vehicle automatically. In the final year, students do an internship, usually abroad.”

“It is a lot of work, but it’s incredibly interesting. The whole programme is taught in English, but you soon get used to that. Later on in your career, you will almost certainly end up working in an international environment, so an English-taught programme is good preparation. I think the University of Twente is a great place to work and study. The campus is unique in the Netherlands and there’s always plenty going on, whether it’s education, research or entertainment.”

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