After the bachelor's programme

the career prospects of Electrical

Electrical engineers are highly employable, largely because their training is not limited to a specific profession but encompasses a branch of science. You will become an innovator: a developer of new methods and techniques. You could choose to work as a systems designer, researcher or project manager for a multinational (e.g. ASML, NXP, Philips, Thales) or you could opt for a career at an R&D lab or semi-public organization (e.g. TNO, ASTRON, a university hospital). Some graduates prefer to work for a smaller company (e.g. Nedap, Aemics, Sensata), a patent agency or a software company, or to pursue a career in engineering consultancy or teaching. If you succeed in coming up with your own unique electronics-based concept, it may even be time to start your own business!

Whatever you choose, you will be shaping your own future while solving tomorrow’s problems. Perhaps you will discover new modes of communication or develop a microscopic chip. You might end up designing the first robotic arm to perform heart surgery. Do you see yourself working as a systems designer on the latest chip manufacturing equipment? Do you like the idea of developing new satellite communication to explore the outer reaches of the universe? Perhaps you see yourself as a project manager leading a team of engineers who record 3D movements that animate virtual characters in the latest movies? Whatever you decide, as an electrical engineer you get to invent your own future. This is one of the most promising programmes on offer in terms of the excellent job opportunities it provides.

Research, design & management

This Bachelor's programme will develop your skills in research, design, and management, enabling you to discover where your own strengths lie:

  • As a researcher at a university or institute you might push back the boundaries of knowledge in your field and find ways to develop electronics with nanotechnology.
  • As a designer you might develop a smart pill that incorporates various laboratory functions in a single chip and travels through the body to carry out essential measurements (e.g. blood levels). This pill would have to be tiny, harmless and able to transmit signals. It could help patients obtain the best cancer treatment and save valuable time by reducing the risk of unsuitable treatment.
  • As a manager you could find yourself managing a team of engineers working on the latest sensors and software for motion capture. Your team will register and analyse the movements of skiers, unmanned aircraft and converted them into 3D animations for use in the film industry.


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