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matching at Electrical Engineering

Students who register in Studielink as applicants for Electrical Engineering starting September 2019 must participate in a matching activity (digital questionnaire and activity on campus of the University of Twente).

The matching event dates for admission in 2019-2020 will be on 26 March, 28 May and 18 June 2019.

The event serves to assess the match between the applicant and the Electrical Engineering programme. You must submit the questionnaire before being invited for this event. You will receive precise instructions on submitting this questionnaire by email following your registration in Studielink and your (preliminary) admission from Admission Office.


It will not be possible to join a matching event on campus anymore, but you still can apply. However, you will have to complete an online questionnaire (called: NOA), which is compulsory for all applicants; you will get this after registration in Studielink and your (preliminary) admission from Admission Office. You still can arrange a meeting with the study-adviser (on campus or skype), therefore please contact


After registration and submission of the requested documents, you will be invited to register for a matching event. If you registered after May 29, see above the procedure. We would prefer to meet with you in person on the UT campus. Nevertheless, we understand that it may be impossible for you to come to the campus for an event on one of the scheduled dates. In that case we may be able to arrange an interview by Skype or Google hang-out.


The intake committee’s recommendation regarding your suitability for Electrical Engineering will be based on an assessment of the following five criteria:

  • Technology. What experiences do you have with technology, in relation to Electrical Engineering?
  • Teamwork: can you work in teams and do you enjoy teamwork? Are you aware of the advantages and disadvantages of working in a group? Are you able to use teamwork as a motivation to improve yourself?
  • School results. What are your strongest points, and can you deal with your weaker points? What strong points will be an asset in the Electrical Engineering programme, and what weaker points might be an obstacle?
  • Your preparation for the programme: you have prepared yourself for studying Electrical Engineering. You understand what is expected. You have collected information on the programme (website, brochure) and you have attended an Open Day (or participated in the Student-for-a Day programme).
  • Drive: what is your drive, what are your reasons for studying Electrical Engineering?


Thank you! You will get additional information as soon as possible.

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