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Students who register in Studielink as applicants for Creative Technology starting September 2016 must participate in a matching interview. The matching interview is the main part of a half-day programme on the university campus: the matching event.

The matching event dates (afternoon programme) for admission in 2016-2017: 25 February, 2 May, 13 June en 7 July 2016.

Did you submit your intake documents and receive an invitation for the matching event? Please enroll for the matching event at the bottom of this page.

The event, and in particular the interview, serve to assess the match between the applicant and the Creative Technology programme. The interviews are conducted by members of the Creative Technology intake committee. The interview results in a recommendation regarding your choice of the Creative Technology programme. The assessment criteria are shown at the bottom of this page. Without an interview and recommendation, you are NOT eligible for admission. 

You must submit your intake documents before being invited for an interview. You will receive precise instructions on submitting your documents by email following your registration in Studielink. You will need to submit your CV, a cover letter, your portfolio and certain other documents.


Your CV can be a simple one. Restrict yourself to at most a single A4 sheet (or only half a sheet). Please include:

  • Basic personal information (given name and surname, gender, date of birth, nationality);
  • Some details about your secondary school (type of school, subjects you chose, the year you started and your graduation year);
  • Your activities between leaving secondary school and applying at the University of Twente (if applicable)
  • A list of your activities and hobbies over the last few years.


Explain to us why you want to study Creative Technology. Be concise and make it personal. The intake committee already knows that Creative Technology is a very interesting programme, so you don’t have to explain that. Please tell us what makes this the best programme for you. What is your motivation for studying Creative Technology?


In addition to your CV and cover letter, we request you to submit a portfolio (as in images, movies, soundtracks with some explanation). This portfolio will be used as a basis for assessing the match between you and the programme, though the portfolio itself is not an assessment criterion. Please submit a portfolio consisting of two sections:

  • Firstly we are looking for things you have made or done yourself as a creative person. Technological achievements are welcome, and they may be low-tech (woodwork, LEGO) as well as high-tech (software, electronics). But non-technical achievements in, for example, music, film-making, stage play, writing, gaming etc. are important as well.
  • Secondly we are looking for things you have encountered which are, in your view, typically Creative Technology. Have you seen a product, a website, a movie or something else which intrigued you as being an original, beautiful, useful, or promising application of technology? Then please incorporate a link, a picture or a description in your portfolio.

The format of the portfolio is up to you, but please use a standard which both Apple and Windows can handle. Try to restrict the size to 5MB.


After registration and submission of the requested documents, you will be invited to register for a matching event. We would prefer to meet with you in person on the UT campus. Nevertheless, we understand that it may be impossible for you to come to the campus for an event on one of the scheduled dates. In that case we may be able to arrange an interview by Skype.


The intake committee’s recommendation regarding your suitability for Creative Technology will be based on an assessment of the following five criteria:

  • Creativity, experience and/or interest in creative processes (generating ideas, creating impact).
  • Technology. You already are a technology user (since everyone is), but what is your motivation and talent to become technologically ‘literate’, one who not only uses but also understands technology (to a certain extent)?
  • Teamwork: can you work in teams and do you enjoy teamwork? Are you aware of the advantages and disadvantages of working in a group? Are you able to use teamwork as a motivation to improve yourself?
  • School results. What are your strongest points, and can you deal with your weaker points? What strong points will be an asset in the Creative Technology programme, and what weaker points might be an obstacle?
  • Your preparation for the programme: you have prepared yourself for studying Creative Technology. You understand what is expected. You have collected information on the programme (website, brochure) and you have attended an Open Day (or participated in the Student-for-a Day programme).

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