Communication Science


The University of Twente is particularly well known for its high-tech courses. But did you know that UT also offers social science courses such as communication science? In our view it makes complete sense. Studying in a high-tech environment gives you a head start. Technology plays a major role in our everyday lives and has profound consequences for the way that people communicate with each other.

This is us!

The 6 qualities that set Communication Science at the University of Twente apart from the rest

1. We believe in technology

At the University of Twente, an acclaimed technical research university, you will witness and be a part of innovative (communication, media & engineering) technologies. You will become skilled not only in communication theory, but also in using the technical tools needed to process and analyse Big Data, design communication solutions, link communication technologies, create communication tools & enable your co-workers to communicate effectively in today’s complex, ‘technologized’ world. Think Google Analytics, PechaKucha, the Internet of Things, Technical Communication and much more. Conversely, the ‘techies’ and engineers at our university will stand in awe of you as a person who not only speaks their language, but can also translate it to the outside world – bringing ‘high tech’ and ‘human touch’ together in fascinating new ways.

2. We believe in organisations & we understand the changes they face today

Not too long ago, communication experts did the communicating while others did the work. Today, communication is everything. From the tiniest details to the grandest strategies. From the receptionist’s tweets or the Facebook entries of employees to the company logo and the CEO’s behaviour at parties.  At Twente, we will equip you to perceive, connect, create & impact. We will train you to be the kind of connector, enabler and accelerator today’s organisations so desperately need. 

3. We believe in internationalisation

Internationalisation is one of our spearheads at the University of Twente. And to us it means a lot more than just lecturing in English. It means welcoming a growing percentage of international students and offering our students excellent opportunities to study abroad. It means crossing boundaries, understanding cultural differences and connecting worlds. It means preparing you to a be a Global Citizen and – as a communicator – to enable others to comfortably take their place in today’s connective, global village. 

4. We believe in entrepreneurship

Did you know the University of Twente is Europe’s most entrepreneurial university, with no less than 900 booming startups to our name? And did you know that a larger percentage of communication experts than ever before operate as freelancers or run their own business? Put the two together and you’ll agree that the UT is the place to prepare yourself for stepping out as a communication entrepreneur. 

5. We believe in getting down to business

More than other universities, we connect theory and practice all through our programmes. As you get more knowledge, we will challenge you to put it into practice in assignments and projects. You will form teams with other students to solve real problems presented to you by real businesses. With our unrivalled business network, we’ll get you out of the lecture hall and library and into the real world. And we’ll get you sweating, too – because in today’s world getting the communication right is not just more fun, but also involves a lot more hard work, than ever before. 

6. We believe in you

Succeeding as a communicator today goes far beyond good writing, great speaking or strong soft skills. Sure, you’ll need those – as well as a firm grounding in analytics and at least a touch of tech-savviness. But more than anything, communication is about you. What you stand for, how you impact others. That’s why in our Communication Science programme, uniquely, we look at who you are as a person. We challenge and mentor you. We help you face your strengths & weaknesses and get to work with them. At the University of Twente we don’t believe so much in communication scholars: we believe in you.



  1. You have a keen mind and are eager to gain insight into all kinds of situations and things
  2. Facts, figures and trends attract you; ideas, insights and innovation excite you
  3. You’re observant & sensitive to what is going on around you, often perceiving things others miss
  4. You may not be an activist or know-it-all, but you care about your world & want to engage with it
  5. You’re into people, organisations & (international) cultures as much as (social) media, technology & analytics
  6. You easily move in & out of different (people’s) worlds & enjoy trying to connect & influence them
  7. You may not see yourself as a future CEO, but you’d do pretty well as a ‘CEO Whisperer’
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