Module 5: Facilitating Technological Change

This module focuses on the interaction between technological innovations and strategic communication. In your team project you will study a high-tech innovation. You will analyse the different stakeholders and issues involved. Then you will develop a suitable communication strategy. You will learn how to interpret, articulate, visualize and communicate complex issues and information. 

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Module 6: Privacy Paradox

During this module you will study the ethical, legal and technical aspects of online privacy. You will learn about people’s attitudes to their privacy and its protection. You will design an intervention aimed at raising awareness of the risks of data disclosure and of the possibilities people have to protect their privacy more effectively.

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Module 7: Communication by Design

In this module, the focus is on the growing role of design in communication. You will learn all about how design can influence and motivate human behaviour. With your team, you will design and test a multisensory intervention aimed at solving a social problem. For example, you might come up with a design to promote the choice for healthy eating, or to stimulate social behaviour.

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Module 8: Changing Organizations

This module is about optimizing communication in organizations. You will learn all about effective communication in and between organizations, covering topics such as trends in leadership, information exchange, employment relationships and the meaning of work. You will also look at how you can apply these insights in the ever-changing context of contemporary organizations. Using both literature and empirical data, your project team will face the challenge of offering managers good communication advice.

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Third year

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