Study programme

The first year 

The programme in the first year:  

Module 1: Going viral (201600094)

Traditional marketing has been around for over a century, but the rapid increase of online marketing creates new opportunities for viral campaigns. The project in this module revolves around an upcoming festival, for which you have to develop a campaign plan that includes the use of social media platforms. This module introduces the latest techniques in digital marketing communication and digital analytics – for example, search engines and social media analytics – as vital parts of viral campaign planning.

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Module 2: Damage Control (201600095)

One of the most important assets any organization can have is a positive, solid and widely known reputation. A favourable corporate reputation helps to protect and safeguard organizations in times of crisis and facilitates damage control. In this project, you will take on the role of public relations officers, and advise a particular organization on how to improve its reputation and how to navigate a time of crisis. What should the organization do and communicate, when and to whom?

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Module 3: User Experience (201600096)

We are surrounded by technology. Every day, new technologies (apps, smart devices, websites) are developed. Communication experts play an important role during and after the design process of a new technology, acting as the linking pin between designers and end users. In this project you will design and test user documentation to accompany a newly developed technology. Your goal will be to improve the experiences users have when using this new technology. 

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Module 4: Persuasive Technology (201600097)

Every day we are confronted with many behavioural guidelines. Think of laws issued by the government, regulations laid down by our employers, or good intentions we formulate for ourselves. In practice, people often do not comply with such guidelines. This project focuses on different ways in which technology can improve people’s compliance with regulations, safety rules and healthy habits. Together with your project team you will develop an app for a start-up firm focussing on some societal or human behaviour issue.

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Second year 

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