Module 1: Going viral

The first module in this Bachelor’s focuses on online marketing and social media. Together with your project team you will develop an online communication strategy for a festival. You will be working with new forms of design and new technologies in the field of digital marketing and analytics. Your team will finish off the module by presenting the marketing strategy you have developed based on theory, context and the social media behaviour of the target group.

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Module 2: Damage ControL

The module focuses on the immense importance organizations attach to a positive reputation. You will take on the role of communication professional and measure and analyse an existing organization’s reputation. Your job will include advising the organization on how to improve its reputation and manage crises. What should the organization do and communicate, when and to whom?

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Module 3: User Experience

Module 3 focuses on the link between people and technology and on the user’s experience. Why do some new technologies catch on immediately, while others do not? As a communication professional you are the linking pin between designers and end users. In this module’s, project you will evaluate a newly developed technology with your team. You will then design an explanation tool aimed at improving the consumer’s experience, for example, in the form of an app, a video or a website. 

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Module 4: Persuasive Technology

In the last module of the first year you will learn more about how technology can influence human behaviour. Based on theories from social psychology, you will discover how technology can contribute to compliance with rules and the improvement of healthy habits. With your project team, you will develop an app for your own imaginary company, focusing on a societal issue. 

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Second year 

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