After the bachelor's programme


The Bachelor’s programme in Communication Science at the University of Twente will prepare you thoroughly for finding a good job. The combination of academic knowledge, our communication design approach and our emphasis on practical projects is a good step towards the labour market. As a communication science graduate, you will be equipped for various work areas. For instance, you may become involved in marketing research, internal communication or marketing communication. You can find a job in many sectors, for example in the commercial sector, at a consultancy agency, the media, public or semi-public bodies, or at a research institution.


A study among former Communication Science students


Companies are always trying to find solutions for the challenge of producing their products as well and as efficiently as possible, and of making these products attractive to customers. Communication plays a crucial role in this. Large companies usually have special departments tasked with this. They deal with internal and external relationships, internal communication, public relations, advertising, marketing communication, sponsoring, press contacts and information, among other things.


Government bodies, companies and non-profit institutions are increasingly using specialized agencies for developing and implementing communication strategies. These are agencies for communication advice, advertising and PR, for example. The job of communication scientists in this sector is to design communication strategies. Some of our graduates aiming for this sector find jobs as account managers and become the designated (fixed) contact for one or more customers. They give advice about developing and implementing communication strategies.


The media sector is made up of broadcasters, the press and publishers. In this sector, communication science graduates can find jobs in information provision, public relations, marketing and research. You can carry out research into viewing, listening and reading, for instance. Based on your research, you may decide on the content of the programmes that are broadcast, for instance, or whether the market has room for a new magazine.


If you work for the national, provincial or municipal government as a communication scientist, your job is to give advice about the best way to approach various target groups. You will also be responsible for the development and implementation of communication policy plans. You can also work as a press officer or spokesman.


After completing a university course you can also apply for a job as a trainee research assistant at a research institution or university. As a doctoral student, you will spend a few years conducting research into a topic within the fascinating specialist area of communication science. For example, communication science graduates from Twente are carrying out doctoral research into alcohol policy in the Netherlands and into the effect of music on the eating behaviour of people. You can also choose a research career outside a university, at a research agency, for instance.

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