You are close to graduating! Half of the third year of the Bachelor’s in Civil Engineering consists of electives (minor); the other half is dedicated to the last step before you can call yourself Bachelor of Science: your thesis.

  • Year 3Year 3
  • Electives
  • Electives
  • Preparation graduation
  • Bachelor's assignment

Modules 9 & 10: Minor

In modules 10 and 11 you complete your minor. You can fill in this elective space at your own discretion, basing your choice on what future path you want to take.

Electives: these are your options

  • In-depth elective modules: deepen you knowledge in areas such as Smart Cities or Flood Defences;
  • Separate elective modules: broaden your knowledge with modules from other Bachelor’s, such as Mechanical Engineering, Business Administration or Applied Mathematics;
  • Study abroad: an invaluable adventure and we definitely recommend it! You will learn to approach issues from a different culture and develop the flexibility to work in various teams and circumstances. These are all skills that come in handy later on.
  • Sign up with one of our student teams.
  • Is it your ambition to teach? Choose the minor Learn to Teach and get a second-degree teaching qualification. This allows you to work as a teacher at high-school level.

Module 11: Preparation BSc Thesis Civil Engineering

Module 11, Preparation BSc Thesis Civil Engineering, is a compulsory module designed to help you prepare for graduation. During this phase one of the things you do is choose the subject for your thesis.

Module 12: Thesis project with an external company

You will finish off the last half-year of the three-year Civil Engineering Bachelor's with your thesis project. During the assignment, you get to prove that you have sufficient knowledge and that you can systematically work and report. Our programme is unique in that we require you to carry out your Bachelor's thesis project at a civil engineering organisation in the Netherlands or abroad. This is a great way of discovering the important link between the knowledge and skills you have learned and their practical application. You will receive your Bachelor's diploma after completing this project. With this degree, you may use the title Bachelor of Science and you are qualified to enter one of our Master's. You can also choose to study elsewhere or go straight into the job market.

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