Modules 9 and 10: Electives

In your third year you have 30 EC (the equivalent of half a year) of electives. You can use this space either for gaining depth or broadening your horizons. You can even choose to acquire knowledge in a completely different field, or to complete some subjects abroad. 

Modules 11 and 12: Preparatory module before graduation and final assignment

You will finish off your three-year Civil Engineering Bachelor's programme with your graduation thesis. During this assignment you get to prove that you have sufficient knowledge and that you can work and report systematically.

You will carry out your Bachelor's thesis with a civil engineering organization in The Netherlands or abroad. Only by putting it into practice can you discover the important link between the knowledge and skills you have learned and their practical application. After completing this assignment, you will receive your Bachelor's diploma. With this degree you may use the title Bachelor of Science and you are qualified to go on to a Master's programme. You can also choose to go straight into the job market.

After your studies

This programme prepares you for positions that do not just focus on building and construction, but also on the whole the organization surrounding them. In The Netherlands and abroad there is a great demand for people who are familiar with both areas.

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