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Bram Entrop

When you leave secondary school and go to university, a lot of things change. Even the names of things that were familiar to you. A classroom suddenly becomes a lecture hall, a class becomes a lecture and your teacher is a professor or lecturer. One of the Civil Engineering Bachelor's programme’s teachers is Bram Entrop.

My name is Bram Entrop. I grew up in Rosmalen and I studied Civil Engineering & Management here at Twente. At the time, the programme lasted four years, but that changed half way through and it became a five-year Civil Engineering programme: a 3-year Bachelor's and a 2-year Master's. After graduating with a specialization in Sustainable Land Use, I started working as an inspector for the municipality of Hengelo in the Netherlands. When the opportunity presented itself to go and work in the area of energy usage in residential housing, I took it. I now work as a university lecturer, teaching and doing research in the field of Building/Infrastructure.


Within the Civil Engineering programme I teach subjects related to sustainable buildings, like Installations, Energy Use and Sustainable Building. During the first year of Installations we look at electricity, ventilation and lighting systems. The second-year subject of Energy Use is about how we use energy to keep buildings warm. And Sustainable Building centres on how we can achieve responsible, environmentally friendly and future-proof structures.

Study choice

From a young age I already knew I wanted to study Civil Engineering & Management. Combining secondary school subjects like physics, mathematics and economics in construction projects sounded wonderful to me. And even if the programme had been offered by other universities, I would still have chosen the UT because of its smaller size, accessible style and beautiful campus.

Why would you recommend secondary students to come and study at the UT?

The combination of science and social subjects has been one of the University of Twente's unique characteristics for years now. It was that subject combination that appealed to me, and it was something that I couldn't find at other universities. Add to that the friendly campus, the down-town area and the many amenities, and the picture is complete.

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