You are close to graduating! In the third year of the Bachelor’s programme Chemical Science & Engineering, half of the year consists of elective subjects (your minor); the other half is devoted to the final Bachelor’s assignment. The elective space gives you room to pursue your personal ambition, choosing the modules you find most interesting.

Elective space: these are your options:

  • Studying abroad is an invaluable adventure and we definitely recommend it! You will learn to approach issues from a different cultural perspective and develop the flexibility to work in various teams and circumstances. These are all skills that will come in handy later on.  
  • Get your second-degree teaching qualification: do you want to teach after completing this programme? Use your minor to obtain your second degree teaching qualification.
  • Free electives (minors) offer you a way to broaden your knowledge by taking modules from other programmes at the University of Twente. Popular minors, for example, are: Science, Finance for Engineers, and Geo-Information Systems.

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Graduation assignment

You will spend the last two modules, 11 and 12, writing your Bachelor's thesis and graduating. Module 11 is an elective: Biochemistry or Process Equipment Design. These two courses correspond with the two specializations you can choose from if you enter our Master's in Chemical Engineering. In the third year, you will also write a research plan and conduct independent literature research. For your Bachelor’s assignment, you will work with one of our departments, conducting independent research under the guidance of a PhD student. On successful completion of this year, you will receive your Bachelor’s diploma and you can officially call yourself Bachelor of Science (BSc).

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