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An extra challenge during your Bsc programme

Are you looking for an extra challenge and do you think you can take on extra subjects on top of your regular study programme? Do you want to deepen or broaden your knowledge in a certain field alongside the regular Bachelor's programme? The Chemical Science & Engineering programme and the University of Twente offer different possibilities to do go beyond your regular programme. 

Another challenge available to you is to join one of the University of Twente's big, multi-disciplinary projects, such as Green Team Twente, Solar Team Twente, Solar Boat Twente or RoboTeam Twente.

The University of Twente's Excellence Programme


Are you talented, motivated and enterprising? Do you like to leave the beaten track? Do you look beyond the boundaries of a certain field and are you eager to find ways of making sure your ideas have an impact on society? Then the University of Twente has a challenging programme for you: the Honours programme. This an intensive and interesting programme that challenges ambitious students to give their best. The programme follows our High Tech Human Touch approach, combining technology and social sciences. Our Bachelor's Honour programmes focuses on breadth, while the Master's Honours programme offer more depth of knowledge.


The Honours programme starts in February of each year and is only available to the top 5% of each degree. As an Honours student, you will complete a programme worth 30 study points in almost a year and a half. As the programme is open to all kinds of Bachelor’s degrees, you will work in an interdisciplinary group with outstanding, highly motivated students. During this training you will be intensively supervised, receiving your education from a select group of scientists with different backgrounds and from different disciplines. You will learn about scientific breakthroughs and revolutionary designs and learn to ask questions about everyday technological situations. You will also learn how to compile your own research proposal and work on a joint final assignment.

Read more about the excellence programme at the University of Twente.

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