Chemical Engineering

Why study Chemical Engineering at the University of Twente?

Are you interested in knowing more about how you can change the world around you with chemistry? Then studying Chemical Engineering may be right up your street! Some of the aspects that distinguish the Bachelor's programme at the University of Twente from other Chemical Engineering programmes in The Netherlands include project-based education, an informal and personal atmosphere and high-quality research. What else makes this top-rated programme unique?


The Bachelor's programme Chemical Engineering at the University of Twente is small-scaled. The big advantage of this is that you get to know your classmates well, while benefiting from close contact with your teachers. This personal, informal atmosphere is one unique aspect of our educational community. Teachers' doors are always open. And your mentor or study advisor is always there to help you if something isn't working out.

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Many options will be open to you once you finish the Bachelor's programme Chemical Engineering. Most graduates continue on to our two-year, English-taught Master's programme Chemical Engineering. Other Master's programmes are also open to you. With a Master's degree you will be an attractive new employee for many companies, design and engineering firms, research and education institutions. You can also continue to study and specialize.


Another unique feature of the Chemical Engineering programme at the University of Twente is our project-based educational model. In project-based education you directly apply the knowledge you’ve gained from lectures in practical assignments and team projects with other students. Each module centres on a specific theme, and in the project you apply and deepen your theoretical knowledge. Read more about Twente's Educational Model and about this degree's Study Programme.


The University of Twente has a strong reputation in natural sciences. Our research in various fields is recognized as world-class research:

  • Nanotechnology
    This field centres on the smallest possible structures, which at nan-scale are different than they are at macro-scale, both quantitatively and qualitatively;
  • Process technology
  • This field is about developing and designing sustainable processes for the chemical industry and other related industries (such as energy, pharmaceuticals, nutrition);
  • Material sciences

This science involves improving materials' properties or developing new materials with completely new properties.

The Chemical Engineering programme works closely with scientists from our renowned research institutes MESA+ (Institute for Nanotechnology) and MIRA (Institute for Biomedical Technology), as well as with scientists active in our process technology research programmes. Research subjects covered at the University of Twente include the production of drinking water, renewable energy and basic chemicals, the development of super-materials and all sorts of developments in the field of health. And these same scientists are the ones who will prepare you to be a chemical engineer.


Chemical Engineering at the University of Twente is a high-level programme. The programme has been appointed Top Programme by the Dutch Keuzegids (Study guide) for five years in a row. This makes Chemical Engineering at the University of Twente one of the best degrees in The Netherlands in the 'Chemistry and Chemical Engineering' category.

This programme is amongst the best in the Netherlands, and has been top rated for six consecutive yearsKeuzegids 2018

In the National Student Survey (NSE), a nation-wide study that annually invites students in higher education to give their opinion on their degree, the teachers at the University of Twente were rated highest of all teachers in Chemical Engineering and Chemistry programmes in The Netherlands. Our quality assurance and study advice are also highly rated, scoring well above average.


The Chemical Engineering programme and the Chemical Engineering research groups value good marks and encourage talented students to complete their first year on schedule. Our research groups do this by making a substantial sum of money available annually, which is then divided among students who finish on time.


Chemical Engineering is a challenging programme. Creativity and curiosity are typical qualities in a chemical engineer. As a Chemical Engineering student, you do not only have a broad interest in natural sciences, but you also have an antenna for technology. Because the programme focuses strongly on the technological application of chemistry, physics and mathematics are also essential. So it is important that you enjoy and are good at all of these subjects (this means that your grades for these subjects are 7s or higher).

Do you want to experience what studying Chemical Engineering at the University of Twente is like? Then sign up for one of our groups of Student for a Day and take part, together with first-year students and other participants, in a number of lectures and a specially developed practical class.

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