Study programme

The third year of chemical engineering

In the third and final year of the Bachelor's programme Chemical Engineering you can choose between different themes. These can be modules worth 15, or even 30, study points. Popular modules include Science, Finance for Engineers and Geo-Information Systems. During these elective modules you can also obtain your second-degree teaching degree or study abroad for a semester.

In the last two modules you will focus on your Bachelor's thesis and graduating. For these modules there are also two elective subjects: biochemistry and process equipment design. These two courses are aligned with the two Master's specializations available to you in the directly related Master's programme Chemical Engineering. You will also write a research plan and do independent literature research. For your Bachelor’s assignment you will work with one of our departments, conducting independent research under the guidance of a PhD student.

After your bachelor

After you have finished the third year of this Bachelor's programme, and with that completed the Bachelor's degree in Chemical Engineering, there are several options for what to do after your bachelor.  

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