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The second year of study for Business & IT


This module is shared with Industrial Engineering and Management. You will learn the basic principles of estimating and apply them by analyzing an annual report. You will also get to know the financial market and acquire insight into the prices of stock options and other derivatives. The umbrella project for this module has been set up in association with the Netherlands’ Authority for the Financial Markets (AFM).

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This module is about designing, realizing and evaluating interaction between people and technical systems. In your project, you will work in a multidisciplinary team with members from our Technical Computer Science, Business & IT and Creative Technology programmes. Your goal as a team will be to design an interactive – and possibly intelligent – system and to evaluate it with potential users. In addition to the team project, this muddle includes lectures, instructions and self-study. You will learn about statistics and get familiar with methods for conducting user studies. Quantitative and qualitative methods for analyzing the resulting data are also on the menu. In the artificial intelligence part of the module, you will learn and apply various techniques for modelling intelligent system behaviour. Learning to reflect on scientific research in relation to the design and development of technology is also a part of the programme.

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In this module, you will get familiar with the theory and practice of designing and implementing innovative businesses. The knowledge acquired in this module is applicable to start-up businesses as well as to the development of innovative business models. In this module, you will apply the theory you gained in previous modules and extend it with new concepts in the fields of business strategy, business modelling, marketing, finance, production and service design, supply chain management, ICT architecture and ERP systems, sustainability ethics and philosophy, amongst others.

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In this module, you will learn how effective IT governance enables organizations to profit from IT benefits by enforcing the use of professional, international, standardized project management methods and techniques. This module focuses on both generic project management methods and the specifics of these methods in the context of innovation (i.e., functional improvements in organizations), transformation (i.e., integration of organizational functions) and repositioning (i.e., changes in how an organization relates to its customers and suppliers).

In this module the lectures are strongly related to the project steps. A tutor will supervise each project team and as a team, you will give presentations on the details of each step you take in your project. This module deals with business applications, while ignoring the technical details of automation projects.

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