MODULE 1: An introduction to Business & IT

This module provides an introduction to the field of Business & IT. Basic computer science and business administration themes are introduced, allowing you to get a clear picture of the programme. You will complete the module with a challenging project.

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MODULE 2: Software systems

In this module, you will learn how to design and create software. You will start with an analysis of the requirements and finish with a working programme. In your final project, you will programme a multi-player game in a structured manner.

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In module 3, you will get an overview of certain main themes in the field of Information Systems. You look at specific problems from different perspectives and come up with an integrated solution during your project. The subjects are: Databases, Business Intelligence, Business Process Management, and Enterprise Architecture. This module calls for knowledge and skills are needed, but also for a systematic, problem-solving approach that combines design, research and decision-making.

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In this last module of the first year, you will familiarize yourself with a number of techniques necessary for building Business Information systems, such as web applications, databases and web services. In this module, you will also work on developing software using an approach that is often used in the business world: Agile software engineering. In two-week ‘sprints’, you will work on delivering the software, and in so-called ‘scrum sessions’ you will discuss with fellow students what you have been working on, what your plans are and what problems you are coming up against. In this way you will learn how to work on software within a team and in a structured way.

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Read about the experiences of Bas with his final project in Module 4.

Second year

Take a look at the study programme for the second year.

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