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Double degree programme Applied Mathematics and Applied Physics or Technical Computer Science

If you're looking for an additional challenge and want to immerse yourself in more than mathematics, the double programmes in Applied Mathematics with either Applied Physics or Technical Computer Science might be what you are looking for. After successfully completing the programmes you will receive two BSc certificates from the University of Twente. 

Double degree programme

If you wish to pursue the double degree programme, we will invite you for an intake. The double degree programmes are aimed for ambitious and talented students, with strong time management skills, a strong sense of responsibility and who are able to work independently and autonomously.

If you opt for a double degree, you will receive a customized study programme, consisting of modules from both study programmes. Thus, you follow more courses, for more credits. Every quartile you take extra courses, gradually increasing your workload. In return, you will gain 40 EC extra - over the period of three years. It is crucial to pass all courses and obtain good grades for Mathematics and Applied Physics or Technical Computer Science. With a great effort the double degree can be completed and achieved in three years.

More information

If you would like more information about the double degree programme, please feel free to contact the Study Information Center or the Bachelor coordinator of Applied Mathematics Yael Veenstra Konzizky. It is also possible to join a student who is already in the double degree programme. Sign up for student for a day in either the Applied Physics, Technical Computer Science or Applied Mathematics department and make sure to mention that you are interested in the double programme. We will make sure that you are paired with a student who is pursuing the double programme.

Please note: The Bachelor in Applied Physics (Technische Natuurkunde) is a Dutch-taught programme and you are only admissible for the double degree programme when you speak Dutch.

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