Applied Mathematics

Double programme Applied Mathematics and Applied Physics or Technical Computer Science

If you're looking for an added challenge and want to immerse yourself in more than mathematics, the double programme in Applied Mathematics with either Applied Physics or Technical Computer Science might be what you are looking for. After successfully completing the programme, you will receive two BSc certificates. 


If you decide to pursue the double programme, you will have an adjusted degree programme. You will not be taking courses in solely mathematics or physics/computer science, but a combination of both programmes. You will be taking on a few more subjects each module, and receive correspondingly more study credits at the end of the course. It is therefore important that you achieve good marks in both mathematics and physics/computer science.


In the first year, you will primarily study subjects and participate in projects in Applied Mathematics, where you will also encounter a good amount of physics work. In the second year, the focus shifts to Applied Physics/Technical Computer Science, as you will be taking a large number of courses that form part of Applied Physics/Technical Computer Science modules. In the third year, you will have considerable freedom. The first module is an elective module, which means you are free in your choice of modules. In the second module, you will be able to choose from a variety of mathematics and physics/computer science subjects. However, you do have to choose at least one mathematics and one physics/computer science subject. The last six months will be dedicated to preparing for graduation.


If you would like more information about the double programme, please feel free to contact us. It is also possible to shadow a student who is already in the programme. Sign up for an individual orientation day in either the Applied Physics, Technical Computer Science or Applied Mathematics department and make sure to mention that you are interested in the double programme. We will make sure that you are paired with a student who is pursuing the double programme.

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