You are close to graduating!

The third-year is made up of elective modules and the last step before you can call yourself a Bachelor of Science: your graduation assignment. You base your choice on the future path you wish to follow, using the elective space to take subjects you will need to be admitted to the Master’s programme of your choice. You can take these subjects at the UT, as well as at other universities in the Netherlands or abroad. Some students fill some of their elective space with an Education minor, obtaining a second-degree teaching qualification. 

  • Year 3Year 3

Modules 9, 10 & 11: these are your options

  • Take subjects from other programmes that match the Master’s programme you want to enter. For example, Industrial Engineering and ManagementBiomedical Engineeringor Technical Computer Science.
  • Spend half a year studying at another university in the Netherlands or abroad. Keeping in mind your choice of Master’s programme, you can follow two modules or subjects at a university of your choice.
  • Sign up with one of our student teams
  • Do you see yourself becoming a teacher? Choose the minor Education and get a second degree teaching qualification. This allows you to work as a teacher at secondary school level.

Module 12: Graduation assignment

For your Bachelor’s assignment, you will work independently on one of our research projects or within one of our research groups, under the supervision of one of our staff members. Our students’ graduation projects are highly varied. Recent final assignments include:

  • Making an electronic nose that can detect illness
  • Designing an inspection robot that can walk through a pipeline
  • Robird: a robotic bird of prey that acts as a scarecrow and can scare birds away from airports and crops
  • Modelling a neurological population using a scientific model, so that simulations can be created 
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