Choosing a bachelor's? Join the Online Open Day on 20 November!

Studying at the university of Twente? Let's meet (online)!  

Choosing your future bachelor's is an important decision in your life. To help you do so, you can take part in our various orientation activities, online, on our campus and perhaps even in your home country if we visit a fair over there.

Open days, fairs and events

New orientation activities 

Are you interested to explore the campus yourself, or would you like to experience the bachelor's you are interested in? These two brand new orientation activities will hopefully help you in making the right study choice. Let us know below if you are interested in participating in these activities!

  • Visit the Campus Festival

    What does the campus look like and how is the atmosphere? Whether you just started orientating or almost made up your mind: the Campus Festival in April is the easiest and nicest way to test if UT fits you. Come and catch that campus feeling!

    When: April 2022

    What to expect?

    • Walk through the buildings where you will soon be attending lectures
    • Explore the numerous sports and cultural associations
    • Join the guided tours of the research laboratories
    • Chat with bachelor's students
    • Meet our well-known student teams such as Electric Superbike Twente and Solar Team Twente. Who knows, you might join them in the future!
    • Find out what it is like to live on campus
  • Follow a Taster Day

    You attended an Open Day and got really enthusiastic about a bachelor's. Still, there's one question you can't get out of your head: is your choice of study the right one? The ideal way to find out is to sign up for a Taster Day: a three-hour session on campus where you, together with fellow study seekers, will follow a short, intensive programme prepared by your future lecturers. After this experience, you will have a good picture of the bachelor's and you can apply confidently.

    When: from December 2021 to April 2022

    What to expect?

    • Introduction to the faculty of the bachelor's of your interest
    • Work together on a case related to your study
    • Mini-lecture or demonstration
    • Ask all your questions to our students
    • A walk around campus
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Tips and tricks 

Why studying a bachelor's at the University of Twente?

If you choose the University of Twente for your bachelor's, you will learn to work on societal challenges of the future using innovative technologies. We call this High Tech Human Touch. You will benefit from a unique, personal and future-oriented educational model, in which you will apply theory in practical assignments and team projects. Thanks to our cross-disciplinary, international profile, you will learn to work with experts from other disciplines and cultures. To all the bachelor's.

If you choose the University of Twente, you will invest in in-depth professional knowledge and intensive personal growth.

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