Quinty tells you more about her experiences with studying Advanced Technology.

Quinty Mooij's experiences

How do you like studying Advanced Technology in Enschede?

Quinty really enjoys studying Advanced Technology, and is very happy that she decided to go study in Enschede. "Advanced Technology is not taught anywhere else in the Netherlands, so it is very unique. I like to do all kinds of things and I am interested in various of engineering aspects, which is why Advanced Technology suits me. In addition, the campus and the city centre have a very nice atmosphere. It is very laid back, and it does not feel like you are in a busy city."

I like to do all kinds of things and I am interested in various engineering aspects. 

Why did you choose for the University of Twente?

The content of the study programme and the way of teaching were important factors to consider for Quinty. She explains: "For me, choosing a city was not the decisive factor in determining the place where I wanted to go study. I actually based my decision on the study and teaching method. In Enschede the professors are very easy to approach and you can always ask a question during a lecture or pass by their office if you have remaining questions. Because of this it feels like you receive a lot of personal attention, improving your performance at the same time."

Did you know?

The academic culture at the University of Twente characterizes itself by little hierarchy and professors tend to be easily approachable. Their door is always open!

What is the added value of this program for the society?

"Since Advanced Technology is a multidisciplinary study, you will learn much about all aspects of engineering. You will definitely benefit from this in the work you will be doing when you are graduated. This is because of the fact that you will be able to solve a problem from different kind of views or combine different fields of engineering to come to a solution. I believe that could be a very valuable skill."

What kind of work do you see yourself doing in the future?

"I am not sure of what I will be doing in the future, but a management function or alike appeals to me. I do not imagine myself sitting behind a desk the whole day, but it is hard to say what I would be doing exactly."

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