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We are the engineers, the problem solvers - We are Advanced Technologists. 

Advanced Technology is a multidisciplinary study about all kinds of engineering: mechanical, electrical, chemical. But not only that; at the same time it offers business courses. That’s what convinced me in joining this study. I am Sevim Aktas, Advanced Technology student, and especially interested in technology and management. Not being able to decide which engineering direction I wanted to head to, this study programme offers me an introduction in all domains and, moreover, the possibility to develop my professional management skills. Being surrounded by like-minded students, I get inspired on a daily basis.  I am glad that I found the study programme that fits my interests and hope to welcome you in our engineering world.


My name is Byron van Gool, I am from Johannesburg, South Africa and I am 19 years old. I chose the University of Twente for two reasons: the Advanced Technology programme and the wonderful campus. At high school I excelled at Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry. I knew that I was going to study engineering, but I wasn’t sure which field I wanted to go into. It was important for me to find a challenging study programme that would test me and push me to do better.

My favourite thing about Advanced Technology is the challenging but exciting projects. One interesting project we did was to develop an accelerometer, a task that incorporated multiple fields of engineering. It’s a really amazing experience to start with nothing and end up with a fully functional device. An Advanced Technology student’s average week is a relatively busy one. You can expect to have around six hours of classes and group work a day. While this might not seem all that appealing, it means that your workload at home is less.

There is a lot to do in Enschede. You can join one of the many associations located on or near the campus. There are over 100 associations, from culture and sport to international and student associations. If you take an active part in student life, you will never grow bored.

In addition to my studies, I mostly play sports and work out at the university gym. I also join in with events organized by our study association and by the University of Twente, as well as regular outings with my housemates.


Watch the video below to find out what Fredrik likes most about the programme Advanced Technology.

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