Open days. Being a “student for a day”. Lots of pens with university logos. In my final year of high school I was very busy trying to decide what to study afterward.  It wasn’t until after I’d had the opportunity to join a first-year student of Advanced Technology for a day that I thought: ‘This is what I can picture myself studying next year.’ Which is exactly what happened. 

To me the programme’s main feature was the analytical and multidisciplinary approach. You learn to really analyze and comprehend complex problems.  In my second year a fellow student and I built a radio transmitter in ten weeks’ time.  While at the start of the quarter we hardly knew what an antenna was, we concluded the project hearing our music on our neighbours’ FM radio. It’s really awesome to be able to use what you’ve learned in such a direct way. 

After my studies I got a job at Liander, a company that manages the electricity and natural gas grids in most of The Netherlands. My team, Market & Business Intelligence, charts future developments in the energy industry and their impact on the networks. It’s hardly a radio station, but it’s a complex problem nonetheless. I’m grateful for Advanced Technology to have taught me how to deal with this type of problems.

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