Challenge yourself



Plus programmes are aimed at students looking to take on an additional challenge and wishing to engage in an in-depth study of a particular field such as nanotechnology, computer science or mechatronics.

A plus programme consists of 30-32 credits and can be taken alongside the regular curriculum in the form of extra courses available from the start of the second quarter. Students take the plus programme in the first two years of their Bachelor’s studies. It’s an option that enables you to have an in-depth preview of a field you are considering specializing in at Master’s level. However, do note that completion of a plus programme will have no influence on whether or not you are admitted to the Master’s programme of your choice.

Advanced Technology offers plus programmes in Nanotechnology and Biophysics. In addition, we are working to develop plus programmes in the fields of Applied Physics, Chemical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering/Mechatronics and Computer Science.

The plus programmes in Nanotechnology and Biophysics are strongly related to our MESA+ and MIRA research institutes. The courses you will take are run by the various research groups within the institutes and give a good overview of the university’s activities in these areas.


The plus programmes within Advanced Technology are designed for outstanding students who are  looking for an additional challenge and wish to deepen their knowledge of a specific field. You are eligible if you achieved a grade 8 or above for Mathematics B and Physics at school (VWO level or equivalent). The additional courses begin in the second quarter. This gives you the opportunity to start your Bachelor’s studies at a steady pace and see how much time you will have left alongside the regular programme for extra subjects. That way we are sure that you can handle the extra workload.


All you have to do is let us know, during the first quarter, that you are interested in taking a plus programme.

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