Subway opens branch on Campus

In the upcoming academic year, the Student Union (SU) will house an attractive work café in the Bastille’s atrium, where Subway will open a new sandwich bar.

The café will offer an inviting space where students can relax, study and meet up while enjoying a sandwich and something to drink. The combination of a pleasant environment with a catering business of international renown will strengthen the Bastille’s position as the beating heart of the UT’s campus, student activism and entrepreneurship.

The SU believes that the Bastille is at the heart of student life and acts as the meeting place on campus, and is therefore the vibrant core of the students’ residential area. The new location, with Subway as catering partner, will in future also serve as an extension of the StartupHub (expected realisation approx. 1.5 years): a space in the Bastille where young entrepreneurs work on their startup in an innovative environment. By financing the renovation of the Bastille, the SU itself is already acting as an example of entrepreneurism.

“The number one student building on campus needs an appealing, international brand.” Niek ten Brinke  

“The Bastille will soon be the central meeting spot where students can go with all their questions about the UT, the place to go for services and products that make student life a little easier or more fun, and a space where committees and project groups, as well as individual students, can work in an easy-going, pleasant environment,” says Niek ten Brinke (Student Union | Finance, Accommodation & Business management).

After the summer, the atrium and its range of opportunities will really be used to its full potential. The plan is to connect the study area to the Global Lounge. Additionally, the service desk will be upgraded. The atrium will also be better connected to the rest of the Bastille, and during the day good use can be made of the space. Finally, the flexible design of the layout offers the added benefit that the space can be rented out - free of charge - to societies as well as allowing it to continue in its current function as venue for large events.

Janneke van den Elshout
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