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Kickstarting the Master Thesis: Best Practices

Kickstarting the Master Thesis: Best Practices

Several Master studies prepare the students for a Master Thesis by a special preparation course, e.g. Preparation Master Thesis (7.5 EC), Research Topics (5-10 EC), or Research Skills and Thesis Proposals (5 EC). In such a preparation course the student may obtain special skills, gets acquainted with the relevant literature, and usually finishes by delivering a research proposal. This may lead to a good start and timely delivery of the Thesis, to a reduced dropout rate, and to a higher Thesis quality. In this workshop we will discuss the ins and outs of such preparation courses based on discussions, brainstorms, and presentations by teachers and students.

Workshop chair
Dr. ir. Rom Langerak
Associate professor in the Formal Methods and Tools group of the faculty of EWI. Also Director of Education BSc ‘Technische Informatica’ and MSc ‘Computer Science’ and ‘Telematics’’. Ir. Rom Langerak


Dr. ir. Erwin Hans (Director of Education ‘Industrial Engineering & Management’ both BSc program and MSc program)

Prof. dr. Menno de Jong (Professor of Corporate and Marketing Communication)

Dr. ir. Marjolein Dohmen-Janssen (Director of Education Bsc Civiele Techniek and Msc CEM/CME)