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Internationalization @ Home

Internationalization @ Home

In its policy document Route 14+ the University of Twente has stated its wish that the campus should become an international meeting place for talented people. But what does the UT have to offer to international students? And are UT alumni really well prepared for a career in an international working context and environment? Do our curricula offer the knowledge and skills that they require to work in a globalizing world? In short, an international meeting place requires an international orientation of the education offered by the UT.

Two workshops will be offered.

Workshop 1
 (11:45 – 13:15) focuses on experiences of alumni and students. Are our alumni well prepared for employment in an international environment? What did they miss? And do UT curricula suit international students for employment upon return home or elsewhere outside the Netherlands? Invited alumni, staff and students will give their views and will share their experiences with participants

Workshop 2
 (13:30 – 15:00) discusses what makes a curriculum to be an international oriented curriculum. What are the characteristics? How to design course for an international classroom? Theory and practice will be dealt with, while reviewing the positive and less positive aspects of the UT curricula. What lessons can be learned?

Workshop chair

Ir. Fred Paats
Opleidingsmanager ITC Fred Paats


Drs. Ineke ten Dam (Opleidingsmanager Technische Geneeskunde)

Dr. Ir. Jelle Ferwerda (FAINCO CTW)

Drs. Karin Paardenkoper (Hoofd International Office)

Dr. Huub Ruel (Master Track Coordinator International Management MB)