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Master Talents: Change Leaders in Research, Design and Management

UT-wide NEW MSc Honours Course ‘Change Leadership

Creating Better Results and Meaningfulness through Authentic Leadership

During this workshop we would like to outline and discuss with the visitors our design of a new UT MSc-Honours Course to be run yearly, for 20 highly selected students who have already scored exceptionally well in their earlier Bachelor or Master studies. Each group of twenty students will receive experiential training and coaching in effective leadership skills. Moreover, they will be taught -on a more cognitive level- about effective leadership and organizational change (including e.g. project management and stress reduction). A number of high-flying/successful professionals will be guest-lecturing about their work as well.

At the same time, each student will have to deliver a self-chosen, concrete project that they will lead (or are already leading). Projects can vary from starting-up a firm to leading a student organization or activity through a transition period; the individual students will be coached on the progress in this project: ½ an hour weekly by Skype. As well as the training, (guest-) lecturing and coaching, the students will be guided to finish the academic year with a written integrated final paper in which they will have to incorporate their experiential experiences; the assigned academic readings; plus pertinent reading materials that they will have to find themselves (through Web-of-Science, Scopus, etc.), around a central set of customized, well-defined questions.

The students’ course activities are thus put in individual, written-report form. This means we demand measurable project results in a particular timeframe, including the meeting of (partly self-set) quality criteria: written up in a comprehensive final paper. The kind of publications that the students will need to incorporate in this paper must be a mixture of academic and technological/practical writings, relevant to the progress they made with their projects; thus each student will have to blend both human-touch types of papers with those in their relevant area(s) of high-tech.

Workshop Chair
Amaranta Karssiens

MSc (Raak Consultancy/UT-PhD student:

Professor Celeste Wilderom
fac. MB:

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