Voice training for academics Margarita Jeliazkova (Institute ELAN)


Teachers are professional speakers. The workshop is for university teachers who want to use their voices to communicate clearly, freely, and without strain. You get practical tips for voice care and for more expression. You learn how to address tension in your voice and how to influence group dynamics through your voice, for instance when leading a discussion. We pay special attention to teaching in English, as teaching in a non-native language can create additional challenges.The workshop leader is an experienced teacher educator and voice trainer who combines her own teaching experience with a practical approach to voice development.

Create an instructional videoChris Rouwenhorst (CELT) and Martin Bosker (ICTS)Room: Citadel T201 (tower Citadel)


The workshop contains a brief overview of different video formats. This workshop addresses the screencast, pencast and the micro-lecture.
The participant choses one of the different formats mentioned above to create his own production.
This is a beginners workshop, no pre-knowledge is required.
ResultAt the end of the workshop the participant has experimented with a video format.  The participant is able to create a basic instructional video and can decide whether video is an asset in his or hers education.