Learning in Twente: current and future challengesRamses Wessel (Dean of Educational Innovation) and Tom Mulder (S&B). 

One important aim of the modular structure in the Twente Educational Model (TEM) was to create conditions for didactic innovation. How did that turn out, now that we are in TEM’s third year? Is there real innovation or did we mostly change the wrapping – or worse – only the testing regime? What problems do we face and what can we do to solve these? How do we see master–programmes developing? And what will the impact of online learning be on our campus? This session offers an open discussion on the education strategy of our university; hosted by Ramses Wessel and Tom Mulder.

Think TankJasper Driessens, Laura Koot (Student Union) and Pieter-Tjerk de Boer (EWI)

No teacher can escape from it: boring and prosy parts of the curriculum. We would like to challenge you to come up with the most boring part of your lecture. Together with Pieter-Tjerk de Boer, one of our favourite teachers, we are going to give you tips in order to make this part interesting for students. Because who knows better how to engage students than students themselves?