Tijdens de lunch vind er ook een informatiemarkt plaats. Op de informatiemarkt staan verschillende kramen waar collega’s vertellen over hun activiteiten rondom ‘ICT en Onderwijs’. Hieronder staan een aantal beschrijvingen van een paar marktkramen. Kom langs en laat je tijdens de lunch tegelijkertijd inspireren op de markt.

The Silicon Valley approach to education

After visiting Silicon Valley for Study Association Proto's first study trip, we gained a better understanding of the Silicon Valley approach to education. With the Internet playing an increasingly important part in life, using the Internet and technology for education has become a key thing. This can be seen at various companies that we have visited where we got a sneak peek behind the scenes. We got to see their vision on why and how they are using the Internet and technology for education. For example Coursera allows people from all over the world to take the world’s best courses online and for free. The Institute for Creative Technologies uses technology to create real-life situations by combining the game industry with computer science for military training, health therapies and education. Do you want to learn more about those and other companies from Silicon Valley?  Or do you want to know how Silicon Valley looks at education? Then come to our stand at the University of Twente Onderwijsdag!

Using video during tutor meetings

The first TOM-cohort students are a valuable source of information for the students that started this year. How do you work in groups? What can you expect from your tutor? And what are the most common mistakes that are made in project work? These questions can be answered by the tutors themselves, but it’s much more valuable when the students who experienced it tell it to the new freshmen’s.

But inviting the second year students to all of the first tutor-meetings of the freshmen’s is a bit of a hackle. Svenny Bosch found an easier method. She asked the questions to the second year students and filmed them during the interview. During the tutor meetings, she shows these video’s. so the freshmen’s can hear the answers from the students who experienced doing project work in TOM themselves.

MyLabsPlus: Math goes digital! TW Student assistants

In the new TOM model frequent testing plays an important role. In order to do this efficiently, Applied Mathematics makes use of MyLabsPlus in the education of calculus and linear algebra.

This is an electronic learning environment with lots of assignments, including options for feedback, a gradebook, etc. Students weekly get Homework and Tests, that can be made adaptive and personalized by the system in order to enhance the study process. Many students are

enthusiastic about MyLabsPlus and it seems that this system has a positive effect on the learning process.

Hergebruik digitale leermiddelen

Op het internet zijn enorm veel materialen te vinden die in te zetten zijn in je onderwijs. Het loket digitale leermiddelen geeft een overzicht van de belangrijkste ingangen voor open educational resources, MOOCS en open textbooks op het internet.

Ook geeft het loket tips over wat je kan en mag met deze middelen. Op dit moment zijn we aan het verkennen hoe je deze materialen kunt integreren in je onderwijs via bijvoorbeeld social media tools.