The ECTM has an extensive network of collaborators to ensure maximum quality and efficiency. It is closely collaborating with the entire network of Technical Medicine that comprises more than 50 hospitals and university medical centres throughout the Netherlands and a very wide diversity of medical specialties and academic biomedical technology groups. To complete the triangle, the ECTM is also closely cooperating with key players in the industry, in the fields of medical devices and medical simulation technologies.


Wenckebach Institute (UMCG)

The Experimental Centre for Technical Medicine and the Wenckebach skillscentre of the UMCG are collaborating in several postgraduate courses in order to maximize the quality and efficiency and to be able to cover the total training demand of the North Eastern Netherlands educational region.

Medisch Spectrum Twente (MST), Ziekenhuisgroep Twente (ZGT), Isala klinieken Zwolle (ISALA)

These hospitals located near the ECTM are the key customers of courses and training activities. They are closely involved in the development and organization of most courses. The ECTM educates nurses, clinical physicists, OR assistants, medical residents and medical specialists who are working at these institutions. Several medical professionals are involved as clinical teaching staff at the ECTM.

Dutch Society for Vascular Surgery

Since 2011, the ECTM is partner of the dutch society for vascular surgery for the organization of the annual two mandatory days of training and assessments for all residents in vascular surgery of the Netherlands, the so called CASH-3-Vascular program.


CAE healthcare (including METI)

The ECTM has a strong relation with CAE healthcare: the marketleader in the field of Medical Simulation technologies. As the ECTM covers a very big part of the CAE portfolio, and is using it in innovative and integrative ways, it is often used as a demo site by CAE.


The ECTM is one of the “luminary sites” of Simbionix in relation to their endovascular simulators and patient specific simulation software. The ECTM is actively performing research studies on the usage and application of patient specific simulation in order to enhance the quality of patient care.

Surgical Science

The ECTM is one of the 5 European Beta Test sites of Surgical Science with respect to the simulators for flexible endoscopy and laparoscopy.

Draeger Medical

The ECTM is facilitating training sessions for Draeger Medical that focus on the application of Ventilation and Patient Monitoring.


The ECTM and MIRA research groups are collaborating with Brainlab in several R&D projects. Within the ECTM, new applications are being tested and evaluated in a safe environment. In addition, the ECTM is hosting usability studies for Brainlab.


The company Advanced Neuro Technology is collaborating with the ECTM and several MIRA research groups in the development of new products and applications. The ECTM hosts several evaluation studies including experimental studies with human subjects. Additionally, the ECTM is used as a demo environment by ANT.