(TechMedproeftuin = Testing facility)

In General:
The TechMed Proeftuin is an open innovation ‘area’ in which new healthcare concepts and products can be developed and tested under realistic circumstances. The Goal of the TechMed Proeftuin is to bring medical innovations 1 TRL level further.
The Techmed Proeftuin offers –future- Entrepreneurs support packages with an in-kind value of 5000,- euro per innovation. These support packages contain:
·        Use of facilities / devices from the Experimental Centre of Technical Medicine
·        Knowledge of Proeftuin Partner UT
·        Coaching by Proeftuin Partner Holland Innovative on Project management
          – Process & product development (Design for Six Sigma), Reliability engineer and
         Quality management.
·        Session with Proeftuin Partner Panton on Design, user studies, hygiene and safety in
         hospital, behavior change.

The final package will be defined in consultation with the Proeftuin Partners and the entrepreneur.

The TechMed Proeftuin is made possible by the European Fund for Regional Development (OP-Oost).

Requirements for subscription:
A prototype of the medical innovation is available, minimally on TRL 4
- The entrepreneur has a concrete challenge on which the Proeftuin can support
- The entrepreneur is in the lead for the development of the innovation and is willing to
   invest –in kind- in the innovation.

Subscription can be done by sending a word document, with requested information –see below-  to:
Deadlines are: March 1st, June 1st, September 1st, December 1st.
Per Quarter the Proeftuin Partners will determine which innovations will be supported.

Information needed in the subscription:
1)     Short description of the innovation
(max 300 words)
2)     Short description of how the TechMed Proeftuin can support this innovation
to bring it 1 TRL level further. (max 200 words)
3)      Completed TechMed Canvas (max 10 sentences per topic)


Topics on TechMed Canvas:
1)      Product: What is the product? How does it look like? Which problem
           do you solve? How big is this problem? How do you influence current practice?
2)      Status: What is the TRL level? What is already developed? What is next?
3)      Technology / Function: Which technology do you use?
           Why wasn’t this used so far?
4)      Users: Who is your user? Why are they interested in your product? How did you
           check this? What is the impact of the innovation for the user?
           (Users can be: patients, medical specialists, insurance, caregivers, etc)
5)      Reliability: Which data did you collect to proof the working and reliability of your
           technology? What was the result of this reliability  study?
6)      Scientific evidence: Refer to –planned- publications
7)      IP: Is your technology patented?
8)      Value chain: Describe the value chain of your product: who pays for the final
           product? Who has the financial benefit?
9)       Business case: Explain / show why your product is a ‘healthy’ investment