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The simulated Operating Room of the simulation centre contains state-of-the art medical equipment such as a ceiling mounted navigation system for neurosurgical and orthopedic interventions (Brainlab), a digital lightbox and surgical planning station (Brainlab), a ceiling mounted surgical endoscopy system th HD quality (OR1/Neo, Storz), OR table and OR led lamp with integrated camera (Draeger). Images and relevant signals of all kinds of sources can be routed and interconnected in a flexible way, in order to create a very flexible OR that can be used for educational and R&D purposes.

Within the OR, both artificial materials and real tissues can be used as educational aids. Additionally, simulators such as the mobile METIman and laparoscopic simulators can be used within the OR. This can create highly realistic and potentially complex clinical situations. To increase the realism even more, course participant have to enter the OR by using the changingroom in which they have to wash and change their clothing.

All sessions are captured by the METIVision system using the simulator data, 2 ceiling mounted cameras, the information on the OR monitors and the audiosignal from the ICU. This allows a more sophisticated debriefing of all simulation scenarios. Groups that are training in the OR, can always use a specific room for pre- and debriefing of the scenarios.