Facilities ECTM

Experimental Medical Diagnostic Laboratory

One of the very specific areas within the ECTM is the Experimental Medical Diagnostic Laboratory (EMDL). This lab is dedicated for all kinds of experiments (mainly diagnostic) in which human subjects are involved. This can be experiments for educational purposes, in which students have to apply a certain technique on fellow students. On the other hand, experiments with human subjects (healthy and patients) are executed within specific research programs or clinical evaluation studies. Both the EMDL room itself and all related equipment are dedicated for experiments with humans, and are tested according to the appropriate protocols. The MIRA institute for biomedical technology and technical medicine and the ECTM, appointed a coordinator for all those experiments, to optimize the efficiency, effectivity and safety. This coordinator works closely together with the researchers, teachers and Medical Ethical Committee of the region.

Current setups within the EMDL are a robotically navigated TMS system, EEG (ANT & CSS), EMG, ECG, MRI (Esaote G-Scan Brio), Ultrasound (Siemens S3000, S2000 & S1000), Whristalyzer and Oxycon Pro & Mobile.