Professional and safe learning environment

The TechMed Simulation Centre facilitates education for the programmes Technische Geneeskunde and Technical Medicine. The Simulation Centre plays a crucial role in the education of Technical Medicine students. It facilitates a professional and safe learning environment that is capable of simulating actual medical practice with state of the art technology. The Simulation Centre educates students in such a way that they will have top-level skills. Moreover, the goal of training students in the Simulation Centre is that they will have a thorough knowledge of the –interrelated- functions of the human body. This vital insight will help them to diagnose, to conduct interventions and to find innovative ‘technical-medicine’ solutions to complex patient problems. For example: At the Simulation Centre Intensive Care Unit and at the Operating Theatre, students are confronted with medical problems that they must solve, often supervised by professionals. This way of educating and creating ‘real insight’ at the Simulation Centre differs strongly from most skills labs.

Human body as a system

The educational method (‘heuristic’) of Technical Medicine is based on the assumption that the human body is a system that consists of several interrelated subsystems, such as the cardiovascular or the respiratory system. In order to understand the system and develop new solutions, students have to gain actual insight into the essential elements.

  •  Anatomy
  • Physiology
  • Patho-physiological core concepts
  • Technology used in diagnostics and therapeutics  

The patho-physiological core concepts are the underlying principles of diseases. Examples are the concept of a neoplasm, that gives a range of possible diseases and the concepts of degeneration or inflammation. As the technical Physician is asked by the doctor to solve a specific problem, he does not need to recognize all the symptoms of a specific patient but he has to understand what is wrong with the patient.