Train the trainer for Erasmus+

Notes from the meeting:

The following notes were written by participants and include the key message as described by the speaker:


Focus on future student demands with better quality and innovative teaching methods

Focus on the needs of learners

Focus on quality

Key Action 1:

Strengthening links for education

Raising opportunities through diversifying mobility

More staff exchange possible, focus on quality

Students can benefit from Erasmus+ several times (i.e. up to 1 yr at Master stage and 1 year during PhD

Get the University’s “Champions of Mobility” fully on board for Erasmus+: a new impetus is needed

Also traineeships for recent graduates: not restricted to the private sector, but traineeships in context of “ world of work”

Inform students about the loan options

List of banks for loans will become available 2014

Better linguistic support needed, some of it provided online by the European Commission: not only English, how can we enhance that?

Erasmus Mundus:

Probably the most challenging to work together, but also most rewarding

Project structure changed slightly, interview included in evaluation

Reapplication (new EM) or quality review (catalogue)

Analyze programme A-Z before writing and applying

Key Action 2:

Knowledge Alliances & Strategic Partnerships: participants from partner counties allowed, but stress the added value

Invest in promotion of innovation within internationalisation

Strategic Partnerships:

True cooperation between VET & HEI will start with working together with enterprises

To be able to successfully innovate the European way, we have to open up our institutions: first internally, by lining up policies & strategies

Cross-sectoral Strategic Partnerships are needed

National budgets base on past-performance

No risk definition in the proposal necessary?

Knowledge Alliances:

There is also something in Erasmus+ for companies

Innovation is the keyword: followed by employability, etc

Innovate: bring different ideas, don’t be afraid

University-Business cooperation is a tool, but also an objective

Key Action 3:

Initiatives in KA3 for Quality Assurance, etc, mainly national level participants

Forward looking prospective projects to help European Commission plan for the future