briefpapier‘Best Practice Exchange’ Meeting & ‘Horizon 2020 for Advisors’ Workshop

for Research Management Administrators from ECIU Universities

Dublin City University, 3-4 December 2015


Thursday, December 3rd

13:00 Lunch

14:00 Welcome and introduction notes

14:15 Presentation of DCU’s support structures for H2020 applicants – to include members of the Research and Enterprise Hubs and supporting platforms (http://www.dcu.ie/researchsupport/about.shtml)

15:30 Open discussion and exchange

First suggestions for points of discussion:

evaluation reports of the first H2020 calls: what have we learned? How are we integrating knowledge gained in the support for proposal development?

how are we supporting with key H2020 proposal components (e.g.):


obusiness plans

orisk management

ocommunication and dissemination

Individual grants (focus ERC/ MSCA-IF): a need to focus on talent? - how to identify/ support “the right candidates”? How to best support applications in general?

Experts: why/ how to incentive researchers to become experts? How can we best capture expert know-how and integrate intelligence in proposal development support?

Experience with consultants in proposal writing

19:30 Dinner

Friday, 4 December 4th

9:00-12:30 “Horizon 2020 for Advisors” (by Sean McCarthy, Hyperion)

While the workshop will be based on the course tailored by Sean (see link below), content is to be adjusted to the needs of the participants - we already agreed with Sean that we will like to discuss the content upfront, and he is delighted to have a chance to work with ECIU as a group. Example of possible points to include: would be “How can we optimize our limited resources in support to our researchers?”

Possible content as indicated in the Hyperion website: http://www.hyperion.ie/h2020-advisorscourse-content.htm

12:30 Lunch and wrap-up session

14:00 End of the meeting

More information


Participants are asked to make arrangements and pay the costs for travel and accommodation. ECIU will finance meals and refreshments included in the programme.

Costs for the H2020 workshop are 3750 euro + accommodation for Sean. These costs will be shared amongst the ECIU universities, in a modality to discuss (per number of participants per university; per university, if participation is balanced;…)

Number of participants

Please mind that while there is no limit to the number of participants to the meeting, the maximum number of participants to the Workshop is 30 (as determined by Hyperion).


Deadline for registration is 1 November 2015 via online registration (see below) or email.

Organization contacts

Telma Esteves – eu-office@utwente.nl

Fiona Brennan (main contact Person at DCU) – fiona.brennan@dcu.ie

Hotel Recommendations (tips from Fiona)

§The Crowne Plaza - DCU rate is €99 a night:


§The Holiday Inn right beside Crowne Plaza (just as nice but smaller and you can use Crowne Plaza facilities) they are €69 a night:


§The Regency is €69 a night DCU rate - DCU have an account with them, and they are located within walking distance of the campus http://www.regencyhotels.com/

About ECIU

Your university is a member of the European Consortium of Innovative Universities (ECIU), founded in 1997. ECIU is a consortium of selected research universities focused on collaboration in the areas of innovative teaching and learning, strengthening university-society interaction, internationalization of the student and staff experience, and active engagement in policy development in the evolving field of European higher education.

In the last 17 years, ECIU has grown into a consortium with mutual trust and networking and collaboration across academic and administrative areas in all member institutions. ECIU membership is a vehicle for maintaining a competitive edge, allowing members to learn from each other and to take forward activities that individual institutions could not pursue on their own. Externally, the ECIU provides a collective, more powerful voice with greater impact than individual institutions engaging in European public debate on their own.

At its last meeting in Brussels in April 2015, the ECIU EU working group decided to organize a sharing of best practice event combined with a workshop for Research Advisors by Sean McCarthy (Hyperion.ie).