IoT is ready. What about us?

CTIT Symposium, 14 November 2017, Waaier 1, University of Twente

10:00 hrs.


10:45 hrs.  

Welcome and opening   

11:00 hrs.

Science and technology readiness

“Is IoT Ready for the Real-World? A Systems Research Perspective”Keynote by Prof. Gian Pietro Picco,
University of Trento, Italy

1-minute madness – 19 pitches of talented PhD students

12:30 hrs.

Lunch and poster session  

14:00 hrs.


Public voting & Award Ceremony poster session

Business and commercial readiness   

FireSide Chat between:
Mr. Kees Koolen, founding partner at EQT Ventures and
former CEO of

Prof. Willem Jonker, CEO EIT Digital  

Coffee break

Ethical, legal, societal readiness 

“SMART City Enschede by SMART data”
Inspiration talk by ir. Richard Kokhuis, Gemeente Enschede

“The update of things”
Keynote by Mr. Ton Siedsma, Bits of Freedom


“Opinions from the young generation”
Chaired by Prof. Peter-Paul Verbeek

17:00 hrs.

Wrap up & Award Ceremony Public Engagement

17:15 – 20:30 

Reception, dinner & live music