Tuesday 14 November, 2017
University of Twente, Waaier Building, Room  1 

The Internet of Things (IoT) has made its way into many facets of our digital society, from smart industry, to smart cities, and smart ecology, from machines, to people, animals, and plants. From the science and technology perspective many significant advances have been made and the IoT has reached an acceptable level of maturity. The IoT is ready, but so are we?

Video: symposium trailer

The 2017 CTIT symposium will explore IoT “readiness” from science, technology, business, ethical, legal and societal perspectives. Through an exciting and interactive program, we unfold various facets of the IoT and hear the (non-controversial) opinions of not only experts in the field but also the general public about the impact, role, and image of ICT in general and IoT in particular in our society.

This year symposium has taken a truly multi-disciplinary view on this emerging topic, which should not be addressed in separation. The program addresses IoT from multiple points of view, all brought together within a single focus on maturity, usefulness, and major challenges.

The main highlights of the program are:

  • Thematic session 1 - IoT and science readiness: the focus of this thematic session is on the scientific and technological advancements, and results to enable IoT. Prof. Gian Pietro Picco from University of Trento is the keynote speaker of this thematic session.
  • Thematic session 2 - IoT and business readiness: the focus of this thematic session is on the readiness and suitability of IoT technology to be applied into businesses and to create added values. In an interactive session, Mr. Kees Koolen, the founding partner at EQT Ventures and former CEO of booking.com, and Prof. Willem Jonker, CEO EIT Digital will discuss IoT business readiness and challenges.
  • Thematic session 3 - IoT and legal, ethical, and societal readiness: science and technology offer many advantages for businesses and industries, but there are substantial resistance towards its adoption and trust. the focus of this thematic session is on addressing technology acceptance, trustworthiness, and accountability, among other things. Mr. Ton Siedsma from Bits of Freedom is the keynote speaker of this session. Mr. Richard Kokhuis from Gemeente Enschede will shed light on vision of the municipality on IoT and its societal impact. 
  • Opinion and Public Debate: after having heard experts views on IoT and its readiness, secondary school students share their opinion about their view on IoT and ICT and its role in their future.
  • 1-minute madness: CTIT is known by its high quality multi-disciplinary  research in the area of digital society. Within this session, CTIT top junior researchers will pitch their research in 1-minute as an invitation and introduction to their posters.

The day is set to include, stimulate, and appreciate interaction and engagement of the participants in various forms including participation in discussions, debates, public voting, interactive lunch, and dinner with live music.

Please save the date in your agenda to witness a very interesting and challenging IoT event.