10:30 hrs

11:00 hrs.           
Welcome and opening Prof.dr.ir. Maarten van Steen, Scientific director CTIT

11.15 hrs. 
Prof. Karen Mossberger, PhD, Professor at Arizona State University, USA
“Innovation, policy, and digital citizenship”            

12:00 hrs.
Dr. Mitra Baratchi, UT: “Measuring the meaning of space to WiFi scanning?” 

Lamia Elloumi, MSc., UT, Dr. Alejandro Moreno Celleri, UT: “For those who can’t see: Digitalizing the world of the visually impaired”              

12:30 hrs.           
Lunch and poster session, demo’s              

13:30 hrs           
Prof. Siobhán Clarke F.T.C.D., Professor at Trinity College Dublin, Ireland
“The role of technology in enabling behavioural change for cities of the future”  

14:15 hrs.           
Short talks

Dr. Nirvana Meratnia, UT: “Role of Internet of Things in a digital society”

Ir. Hans Koenders, Municipality Enschede: “A glimpse into a city of the future: Enschede”

Dr. Wouter Kuijper, Nedap: “Technological development and civil participation”

Prof. dr. Jan van Dijk, UT: “Digital skills, 21th century skills, and opportunities in the digital society"        

15:30 hrs.           
Break and poster session, demo’s         

15:50 hrs.           
PhD carrousel
Host:  drs. Iddo Bante, Managing director CTIT

16:30 hrs.           
Interactive panel
Moderator: Prof.dr. Roel Wieringa, UT

17:30 hrs.              
Prof.dr. Gerrit-Jan Zwenne, Professor at University of Leiden, partner at Brinkhof Lawyers Amsterdam
“(Some lawyer’s remarks on) Technology and the development of privacy law” 

18:15 hrs.           
Walking dinner and award ceremony

20:30 hrs.           
Official ending