Citizenship in a digital Society

We kindly invite you to attend the CTIT symposium:
1 November 2016 – Waaier – University of Twente

The Dutch universities have jointly launched an initiative placing the Digital Society as focal point for this academic year. The ambition is to push the Netherlands to a global leading position in digitalizing society.

At CTIT, the Digital Society has since long been a focal point. We work on innovative ICT technology, study interactions between humans and ICT systems, and have a deep understanding of the consequences of digitalizing society.

With this year’s symposium we zoom into the implications of being a citizen in a digitalizing society. What does digitalization do to us, and what can or should we do about digitalization?

Our keynote speakers will kickstart the discussion:

Karen Mossberger: Innovation, Policy, and Digital Citizenship
Karen Mossberger is Professor and Director of the School of Public Affairs at Arizona State University.  Her research concentrates on local governance, urban policy, digital inequality, evaluation of broadband programs and e-government.  She has published extensively on digital cities and citizenship and is particularly known for her work on digital literacy.

Gerrit-Jan Zwenne: (Some Lawyer's Remarks on) Technology and the Development of Privacy Law
Gerrit-Jan Zwenne is a professor at the University of Leiden. He specializes in data protection and privacy law, as well as internet and telecoms law. He is, among others, known for his concerns on what is actually to be considered personal data. Next to his academic position, Zwenne is partner at Brinkhof lawyers in Amsterdam.

Prof. Siobhán Clarke, Trinity College Dublin, on future cities
Siobhán Clarke is professor in the School of Computer Science and Statistics, Trinity College Dublin. She is an expert in software engineering models for the provision of smart and dynamic software services to urban stakeholders, addressing research challenges in the engineering of dynamic software in large-scale, ad hoc, mobile environments. She currently leads the Trinity Centre for Future Cities Research, concentrating on developing smart and sustainable cities.

Practical details

  • Date November 1, 2016
  • Time 10:30 - 20:00
  • Location Waaier building, University of Twente
  • Costs Free of charge (including lunch, refreshments, walking dinner, presentations and poster presentations and demo market)


Organization CTIT: