CTIT Symposium 2014: Taking care for tomorrow; Towards personalized health services

Healthcare, especially the care for people with chronic conditions, has to change dramatically in the near future as the increasing demands in quality and quantity of care cannot be met with the present manpower and finances. The creation of a sustainable healthcare for our citizens that at the same time supports a healthy independent aging requires substantial innovations. There is a strong belief that technology will enable the necessary innovations when this technology is co-created with the users, the health care professionals and the informal caregivers. This belief is clearly reflected in the Horizon 2020 program, where ambitions such as active healthy aging are quantified in terms of two more healthy life years. Also in other European programs, like the Ambient Assisted Living program (AAL) and national programs, changes in healthcare towards a sustainable health and wellness care are clearly formulated.

The University of Twente and its environment are very strong in care technology. Research institutes of the University are offering a lot of complementary innovative technology, in areas like sensing technology, infrastructure, human interaction, all important building blocks to create smart personalized healthcare systems that support persons in their strive of independent living.

The good relationships with healthcare institutes, greatly facilitates real-life testing and evaluation of these applications, whereas the many high tech spin-off companies make it possible to bring the applications to the market.

The list of invited speakers includes Mr. Keith Baker (Philips Group Innovation, Research), Prof.dr. Dirk Heylen / Prof.dr.ir. Hermie Hermens (University of Twente), Prof.dr.ir. Albert van den Berg (University of Twente), Prof.dr. Paul Havinga (University of Twente), Dr. Nick Guldemond (University Medical Centre Utrecht) and Prof.dr. Miriam Vollenbroek (University of Twente).

New this year is the panel discussion with the symposium visitors, led by Prof.dr.ir. Peter-Paul Verbeek (University of Twente).

Members of the panel are Mrs. Marijke van Hees (City of Enschede), Prof.dr. Ernst Bohlmeijer (University of Twente), Prof.dr. Richard Boucherie (University of Twente) and Prof.dr.ir. Hermie Hermens (University of Twente).

As it has become a tradition, at the CTIT symposium the floor will also be given to PhD students from CTIT for short presentations and posters.

We invite you to this inspiring symposium and welcome your contribution.