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“Management of the Future Internet”


Recently the Design and Analysis of Communications Systems (DACS) group has been quite successful in the acquisition of new EU research projects. One of these projects is FLAMINGO, which focusses on Internet management. Since a core Internet link may have a capacity of tens of Gigabits per second, huge amounts of data must be analyzed to facilitate meaningful management. In this presentation two management examples will be presented. In the first example we'll focus on data generated by the Large Hadron Collider (LHC) of CERN. This data is used by thousands of researchers world-wide and direct optical paths (lambda's) may be established between these researchers and CERN to share this data. The configuration and dimensioning of these paths is a management activity.

The second example of management we'll discuss is network security, and in particular intrusion detection. We'll show the challenges such research is confronted with, such as ground truth, data quality, partial data and privacy.