The Twente Robotics Research Groups

The focus of the activities of the University of Twente is the design and use of robots that interact with their environment, and with people in those environments.

Robotic solutions that can co-exist and co-work with people to improve their way of living and wellbeing. To realize both scientific and societal impact, it is important that the research is application-inspired and incorporates two domains: technology- and ELSE- (ethical, legal, societal and economic). To achieve this, researchers from various disciplines are working together in the robotics programme of the University of Twente. The following employees and research groups are involved:

The core of the research programme

Enabling technologies

There are a lot of research areas from which the robotics research groups can benefit and vice-versa. Some of the research groups working on enabling technologies are:


The following research groups are working on the ethical, legal, societal and economic aspects of robotics: