Register for the UT Robotics Event 2022

Register here for the UT Robotics Event at the University of Twente on the 10th of May 2022! 

Start lab tour 10:30 / start lunch 12:00 / start main programme 13:00
End of event: 17:00

Part 1: Personal information

Part 2: General information

In the UT Robotics Event the 3 themes of the upcoming Robotics Centre will be highlighted:

  1. Robotics for healthcare: Cure & Care = surgical robotics, image-guided surgical robotics, exoskeletons, prosthetics, etc.
  2. Robotics for industry: High precision technology & Inspection and Maintenance = pipe inspection robots, high precision control and manipulation, maintenance robots, cobots, etc.
  3. Robotics for society: personal robots, surveillance robots, companion robots, teaching robots, etc.

Part 3: Event & Communication