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Possibilities for Cooperation

PhD- and EngD research and implementation

The UT is mainly interested in PhD (research-inspired) and EngD (application-inspired) research projects that last for 2-4 years. Although the UT can offer more exploratory or service projects with a shorter duration, and organizations such as TNO and Fraunhofer Project Centre are better equipped to perform this kind of projects in a flexible way. Via iBotics we can offer a whole range of ‘products’, from projects of one to several months (via TNO) to projects of several years (UT).

Connected industry call

UT research groups participate in many national and international projects based on consortia consisting of industry and academia. Apart from these project-based co-operations and our strategic PPP partnerships, we aim to build up relationships with several organizations playing a specific role in the robotics innovation chain. Together with the Digital Society Institute (DSI) and SBD, the most important partners will be selected and clear goals will be defined, followed by the development of dedicated partner programs. Partner Examples:


For the development and testing of the next generation (service) robotics, the University of Twente and its partners have all the building blocks available for unique integrated research, development and test facilities. For example:

Via i-Botics, these facilities are combined with the facilities of TNO, to optimize our joint offer to the robotics industry. In the near future, other relevant infrastructures will also be available at Twente TechBase, like storage tanks, pipe racks and windmills.