Series of round tables on AI

With the series of round tables on AI, the UT wants to explore the opportunities of the Nationaal Groeifonds; one of the coming vehicles of investments of the Dutch government in the development of embedded AI.

In focused 2-hour sessions we tackled specific topics together with selected partners. On the 16th of March we kicked off with the first session focussed on Distributed Energy Control Systems. Read more about the first 3 sessions and see their visual outcome in an informative cartoon.

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The Nationaal Groeifonds

The UT acknowledges that the Nationaal Groeifonds will play a key role for the Dutch investments in the development of embedded AI. It is expected that the first calls will appear early 2021. Urgency is crucial for us and for many of our industrial partners and therefore DSI would like to respond in a very timely manner to the upcoming Nationaal Groeifonds Calls, together with our national partners.


The University of Twente is honoured to play a central role in the developments regarding Artificial Intelligence. With over 200 UT-scientists working on and with AI, the UT positions itself on the side of embedding AI. This small-sized event will be a part of a series of multiple afternoons where different societal questions regarding AI will be issued by the University of Twente and (regional) companies. The series support the programs DSI and TechMed coordinate with the partners from AI Hub Oost of the Nederlandse AI-Coalitie, among others the Radboud University, Radboud umc, WUR, Twenteboard, Economic board A/N and Oost NL.

Our partners

Our sessions will be a balanced mix between our industrial colleagues with professors from the academic site of both UT and the Radboud University, who is our respected partner in this mission.