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From research to industry

The creation of spin-off or start-up companies is an important mechanism through which knowledge and expertise developed by DSI researchers flows to industry. DSI encourages entrepreneurship and gives its employees support in starting up a business. As a result, DSI is the birthplace of more than 100 high-tech ICT-based spin-off and/or student companies. Many of these companies still have strong bonds with the research groups, facilitating a natural flow of knowledge to new products and services.

Together with Novel-T, a strong and dynamic regional ICT innovation eco-system has been created, helping entrepreneurs to become real game changers. Our business developers stimulate an outside look and provide support by combining technology with business insights. They give the engineers behind these spin-offs a wake-up call and help them to valorize their knowledge and to realize their business dreams. Our spin-off approach focuses on both the creation and the growth of start-up companies. And it works! Each year, about 10% of the companies mentioned in the Deloitte Fast 50 come from the Twente area; the majority is active in the ICT domain.


Some examples of companies in the IT-domain started by students from the University of Twente: